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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cleaning your closet Step #3

Once you have finished organizing the closet,begin grouping like with like. For example group shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts, pants with pants, then divide them by color style and fabric. Leave some space so you can look through your closet and choose what to wear.  

Now take a step back and look at what items your closet is primarily filled with. Look at your lifestyle. Do you have mostly tee shirts and jeans? Flowing tops and black pants? Sweatshirts and work out gear? Or is your closet filled with a variety of fashionable items? What items of clothing are you missing in your closet? Write a cute little list of things you need to "glam" up your already working wardrobe, keep it in your purse. When you go shopping pull out the list or pictures and ONLY look for those items.

If you are glamour challenged and have no idea where to start ASK ME!! I can make your black cotton workout pants and workout top your new "GOING OUT" outfit. I'll add a few snazzy items you need to shop for, borrow from me or sadly you already have them in your closet... and have no idea what to wear it with. BE CREATIVE , make a collage board. Use an old cork board or a new satin one from Homegoods. Tear out pictures of people or outfits in magazines that reflect a look you want. Tack the pictures up. You never know who will be in your closet, look at your board and say " Hey I just saw that at Target the other day and it was on sale". 

1. Great style is about developing your own unique fashion personality

2. Pick key items that keep things interesting and chic

3. RENEW, REUSE, RECYCLE - smart styling that can transform what you already own into something FRESH!!!

Hope your closet looks fabulous. Happy OUTFIT GRABBING !!


  1. fantastic..I'll be sure to follow those tricks! Oh snap, my closet already looks like that....ha!

  2. No way, your closet looks amazing! You have been my inspiration my whole life! Thanks MOM !!!

  3. I am Glamor challenged these days..the only way i know to spice up my outfit is to put on a scarf..