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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All about Toners

It's all about toners. Now that you have washed your cute little face it's time to grab the toner. Why you ask? Well toners help to remove any left over grime and left over cleanser. Toners help to hydrate your skin so choose wisely. Try to choose one that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol can tend to dry the skin out or strip it's natural oil barrier. Toners are suppose to hydrate and prep the skin for a moisturizer. You can find toners out there that have beneficial ingredients that help to target acne, wrinkles, dry or oily skin. Some of them may say "Revitalizing" or "Equalizing" those are great. 
Some ingredients to look for include
  • water
  • witch hazel
  • glycolic acid
  • aloe
  • lavender
  • chamomile
  • AHA's
Don't forget to tone after you cleanse morning and night using a cotton ball,4x4 cotton pad or cotton round. Happy Toning.


  1. Thanks Tara..I will remember to tone tone tone...

  2. What do you suggest for my skin type? Does it matter?

  3. Well it depends on your skin type. And if your cleanser is ph balancing.